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I Want My Plate Full of the Right Things

"For he satisfies the thirsty and fills the hungry with good things." Psalm 107:9 (NLT)

When I was younger, there weren't many things that were put on my plate that I didn't eat. And even if there were something that I didn't like, my family would say I had to eat it anyway. However, my younger sister was the complete opposite; she didn't enjoy much, and what she didn't like, she didn't eat. So there were plenty of late nights when she stared down her food at the kitchen table.

As I get older, my sister's take on not ingesting what she does not want has become my own, not just for food but for anything I consume. So, for example, I have not eaten things I cooked because it wasn't right. And I have also unsubscribed to people and content because they no longer serve me what nourishes me, and I know what I want and don't want. So I will not waste time filling my plate with stuff that doesn't fulfill me.

I have discovered that this world has so much to offer; most of it looks appetizing, but after consuming my share and yet feeling starved, I have become more particular about what I consume. As I mature, I often say no to what I don't want and yes to what I want and need. Because life is better when you are better and when your plate is full of the right things.

Right now, those right things are God's words. Some may consider me a Bible fanatic, wondering when the zeal will disappear. But it has been the only thing that has fulfilled and transformed me. I remember telling God, "I could do something else if your Bible does not change me." It was bold, but it was my truth. I wanted to be better for myself and my family. I wanted to succeed in life. But it was only when I began seeking God's words that I received sustenance that no self-help book, coach, or informative content could ever give me.

And it is hard to put into words the moment when the change began to take place. I don't know how God did it or when was the big event. But one day, I noticed that I stopped meeting people's expectations of me. When they looked for me to be frustrated or to handle a situation in a way, it was at that moment I realized that my norm was no longer my norm. But, of course, this doesn't mean I don't have more work to do. I am not perfect. But His words are, and they are worth filling up on.


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