I was listening to "Take Me to the King" by Tamela Mann on repeat. The words seem like she wrote them for me as tears rolled down my face. I shared my excitement for this new song with a friend, only to find out that the song was two years old. 

​That moment shook me into the reality that (although I love God) I had been doing life without His influence. As I process what that meant, God's grace humbled me, and I decided that I needed to get back to Him.

On my journey, I have been through some ups and downs. At moments I have experienced feeling like I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me, and other times I felt defeated. I even had a moment where I questioned my faith. 

It is a decision (I have to make every day) to allow God to influence my life. Sometimes it is easy and other times, well, not so much. But I have decided to do what it takes to stay in His influence. And let's just say I am a very different person from that time when I was crying to the words "take me to the king."

Now I am more like, what's next, Jesus? And with one foot in front of the other, I am learning what life is like to seek God first and believe everything else will fall into place. 


While I honor God with my life, I also like to connect with people who do the same. Just think of me as your sis, my superpower is prayer, and God is my biggest influencer. Whatever I create and share on this journey, it is to encourage you to stay in God's influence.

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