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I'm uncomfortable with titles, so just call me God Influenced.




Iris was born and raised in Brooklyn, NY, where she attended church as a child with her sister and cousins on Sunday (all day), Tuesday, and Friday night services. The church kept her busy; she sang in the choir, lead devotional, and even created a magazine for the church. It was there her journey as a Christian, and her walk into her purpose began. Attracted to media and its power to influence, she knew she wanted to merge faith and media into an enterprise that would honor God and serve people. With a BA in Media Studies and an entrepreneur bug, she created GXL Magazine and an online source of inspiration and faith. But then life happened, and she stepped away from the dream for stability, and once she found a full-time position, the magazine faded, along with her faith.

What came next was a full-time job with benefits, a loving husband, a dog, a house in the suburbs, and not a need for much, until one day, she felt an overwhelming feeling of sadness. Although life was good, she realized it wasn't fulfilling; something was missing. She became a self-help junkie, a hoarder of life hacks and strategies, hoping something the gurus said would propel her into a more meaningful life. She even took a social media break. But nothing worked until she realized she was trying to walk into her purpose without God.

One day while listening to "Take me to the King" by Tamela Mann tears fell down her face. Excited about the feeling she had, she shared the song with her friend, who asked her a life-changing question, "Where have you been?" The song was at least a year old. Iris began to think about the last time she listened to gospel music or even prayed a prayer that didn't have to do with blessing her food and found herself heartbroken that she had gotten so far away from God.

Now Iris is the founder and creator of the READTHEBIBLE Project, where she has a developed a community of women who want to read the bible for themselves. She's the host of I'm DOing This Podcast about living life on purpose. She is known for being God-influenced and quickly becoming to many their go-to sis for ways to live life with purpose through faith, community, and God's plan. After years of being stuck in what she calls a mundane routine, she realized that one of the problems was she was doing life without God. In building back her faith, she found her purpose and not only learned how to walk in it, but she also inspires others to do the same.