With a BA in Media Studies and her love for God, Iris Kirkland has always desired to merge media and her faith into an enterprise that can impact the culture with Jesus. She is a creative storyteller obsessed with success stories filled with purpose. When she is not sharing an inspiring narrative with her readers, she teaches them how to step into creating a purposed filled life.

Iris took an entrepreneur jump in her college years and started an online magazine called GXL before blogging became what it is today. She stepped away from the business when she had to make the tough choice to live her dream or make a living. Once she found a full-time gig, the magazine faded, along with her relationship with God.

One day, the dreamer woke up to see herself in a life that looked nothing like what she'd envisioned — it overwhelmed her with sadness when she realized she was getting older and her dreams might die with her. She quickly became a self-help-junkie, a hoarder of life hacks and strategies, hoping something the gurus said would propel her into a more meaningful life. She even took a social media break. But nothing worked until she realized she was trying to walk into her purpose without God.

As Iris reflected on her most fulfilled moments in life was serving others through her passion for Him,  it was a humbling experience that reminded her that she could not live in her purpose without God. 


Now she finds herself back as a God-influenced writer and creator, inspiring a generation that thinks it is too late, they're too old, and that God had changed His mind about them, when in fact, their detour was always apart of their story.

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