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Getting Things Done With Grace In 2021

What does being productive look like in your life?

I am sure that depends on what is important to you. I had forgotten my word (to live by) was GRACE in 2021. But subconsciously, I had been reminding myself as my responsibilities grew in the first week of January to do what I could and let go of what I couldn’t.

Let’s face it; no one expected us to do much but survive in 2020. But now, an anxious spirit is in the air about how to proceed. And when I heard my friend say that she did not want to drop any balls, I told her to set her alarm, so she won’t forget what was necessary.

I could have listed several productivity hacks to keep her afloat and productive, even through a pandemic. But we most likely already learned what it takes to get things done, despite our lack of discipline. But unfortunately, not everyone knows how to make grace a part of the plan.

GRACE. It’s not a life hack, but it is necessary. If we don’t allow ourselves permission to have it, we can operate on auto-pilot, following systems and rules instead of God, and become burned out with frustration fueling us, and we will be no good to anyone.

So how does one use GRACE to get things done?

Well, it starts with a simple prayer that God goes before me, makes my pathway clear, and nudges me in the right direction. With that, I glance over my forever-growing to-do’s and begin doing. The most crucial will receive a check next to it. While the other items (no matter how important) sit on the list for another day while reminding myself that God’s grace is sufficient even in getting things done.


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