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The Blessing in Being Still

I usually run my mouth during my morning prayer. It sounds like a run-on list of things I am thankful for, asking for forgiveness and praying for my family, friends, and, yes, even my enemies. But one morning, instead of bending my knees, I sat up in bed, put on some instrumental music on a low volume, and then sat in the dark with my eyes closed and the palms of my hands turned to heaven.

There was no request made, no loud praise. Instead, I was sitting still; this was difficult because I had gotten used to a morning ritual filled with action. But now, I was physically still and trying to get my mind to do the same. As I focused on my breathing and the piano playing, my mind automatically reverted to asking God to do something.

Eventually, I controlled the atmosphere with deep breaths and the thought that I wanted nothing from God that day. I just wanted to be in His presence. I wanted to have that moment with God that you have with a best friend when you sit and chill with them.

Before it was over, I received answers to prayers I had in the past. I was super excited as I felt something I had not felt in prayer before; creativity flowing into my thoughts. At one point, I got overwhelmed. I wanted to take what I saw and write it down, so I won't forget. But I stopped myself from grabbing my laptop as I thought of the saying, "people love talking during prayer, but they are not quite enough to hear the answers." I brought myself back to deep breaths.

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Feb 01, 2021

Its always good to hear from God.

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