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My soul purpose is to honor God and inspire others to  do the same.

-Iris Kirkland

Iris Kirkland 

is known for being God-influenced and quickly becoming to many their go-to sis for ways to live life with purpose through faith, community, and God's plan. After years of being stuck in what she calls a mundane routine, she realized that one of the problems was she was doing life without God. In building back her faith, she found her purpose and not only learned how to walk in it, but she also inspires others to live life with intention. 

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I struggle with titles, so just call me God Influenced. My mantra "I'm doing this" turned podcast is about purpose. Join me for weekly insights on what it means to live in your purpose as I grow in mine and interview some amazing people who are doing it. I will talk about the courage it takes to say, "I'm Doing This," do it, and then walk into purpose with faith, community, and God's plan. So are you ready? Let's do this.


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