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3 Questions To Ask Before Joining A Community

A growing number of communities are showing up all over the internet. Almost everyone with a platform now has one, but not every community is for everyone. The truth is, even if you're a loner, there will be times when you need others. So the idea of finding your tribe has become essential, and why so many have been able to put a price on it. But when considering joining a community, you must factor in more than just the price tag. Here are a few questions you should ask yourself before looking.

Do you have a community already?

Sometimes we have what we need right under our noses. Some of the best communities develop organically with the people you have known for years. All you have to do is start investing in those relationships with your time, helpful advice, a listening ear, and some love. See how they return the favor; you may not have to go far for the proper connection.

Before Covid-19 became our norm, my cousins, sister, and I did what I called "Cousins Day" (I know I can be corny), and we would pick an activity to do within the year and hang out. We found ways to encourage each other, pass along relevant information, and celebrate each other's wins.

What do you want from a community?

Sometimes we seek community outside of family and friends because we need more, and that's cool too. For example, I joined a community of Christian writers to network with storytellers who aim to honor God with their work.

It took me some time to join (I am never sure about these things), but I jumped out fast at $50.00 a month when I noticed I could not connect to the community. This experience taught me that although I wanted a group to help me in my career and have the same core values, I needed to feel connected more than the feeling of going through a course.

Be clear on what is important to you when hunting for your tribe. Do you want an intimate group, or is more the merrier? How much do you want to pay for this interaction? What kind of information do you expect to get out of the group? Are you joining for entertainment or business?

How much are you willing to invest?

Investment does not only include price, although you don't want to find yourself spending out of your budget. Joining these communities can get expensive, especially if you are part of more than one. But time is just as important as money, so consider how much you must dedicate to make joining the community worth it.


The bottom line is that having a community is everything and can be a great experience. Still, before you delve headlong into it, you should do your homework and ask yourself what would make the right community for you.


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