• Iris Kirkland

No Weapon Formed Against Us Will Prosper


Every day that we open our eyes and live life, we are grateful. It is another day that You kept us from hurt harm and danger seen and unseen. You kept our love one’s safe. You have given us traveling mercies. You didn’t allow the weapons that formed to prosper. You put a hedge of protection around us.

We don’t take this for granted, as we see the dangers that are out there. People falling victim to predators and evil day by day. But God with You before us, who can be against us? You fight our battles and give us authority through Your word that will make the enemy flee. Most important, You said that You would not forsake us.

So we stand on Your promises, as we pray against those things formed to harm us. Believing that they will be only be a testament to Your Word being the truth and not coming back to You without accomplishing what You sent it out to do.

In Jesus's name, amen.


  • Isaiah 54:17

  • Pslam 91

  • Romans 8:31

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