• Iris Kirkland

Lord Fight Our Battles


There’s a song that says, “If I hold my peace and let the Lord fight my battles, that victory shall be mine.” Your Word also instructs us to just be still, so You can fight our battles. But to be honest, God, we are used to fighting our own way. And we are quick to protect our hearts, and what we believe to be ours. We don’t want people to think they have the upper hand or control over us. So our flesh wants to fix the situation.

Remind us Lord that You are our protector, provider, and problem solver. You see all and know all and You know better than us what is appropriate. Our battles are not to break us, but sometimes they build us. To make us into women and men of God that You call us to. So help us not to murmur and complain, but to count it all joy. For once again You are giving us the opportunity to see Your love for us in a deeper and intimate way.

Help us to trust You with our battles.

In Jesus’s name, amen.


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