• Iris Kirkland

Help Us to Be Obedient


We know Your love language is obedience. Help us love You the way You will feel love. Sometimes this comes at a sacrifice. But how then would we really know what it means to know Jesus Christ if not through His suffering, if we don’t want to go through nothing.

Forgive us when we can’t see through our flesh. Give us the courage and wisdom to use Your Word when we are going through trying times. You said Your Word will not come back to You void. But it will accomplish what it is being sent out to do. So Lord, let Your Word accomplish what You sent it to do in our lives.

In Jesus’s name, amen.


  • Jeremiah 7:21-23

  • Matthew 4:1-4

  • 2 Timothy 2:12

  • Isaiah 55:11

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