A Prayer For Believers

Dear Lord,

Forgive us for anything we have done, knowing or unknowing that would take us out of the will of God. Create in us a clean heart and renew the right spirit in us, so we will be what you have called us.

You call us the salt of the earth, the light of the world, you have given us authority to pray in Jesus’s name. We have heard your voice and followed. We walk by faith daily, pray consistently, and humble ourselves asking for forgiveness.

We trust You to renew our strength so we can run and not be weak, walk and not faint, soar like eagles, and always about our father’s business.

In Jesus's name, amen.


  • 2 Corinthians 7:1

  • Matthew 5:13

  • Matthew 5:14

  • 1Corinthians 2

  • John 10:27

  • 2 Corinthians 5:7

  • Isaiah 40:31

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