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Welcome to FAITH@WORK 21 Day Devotional. Congratulations you took the first step into seeing your faith at work in your life. This is not a small thing. In fact, James 2:17 tells us that faith without works is dead. You signing up for this devotional is a clear indication that you believe that there is more that God has for you and that it is going to take you trusting in God by taking those steps of faith to do what he is called you to, even if you saw it done before. For the next 21 days, this devotional is not only going to challenge what you believe about yourself and about God, but it is also going to make you take action towards your purpose. You will get 10 scriptures on faith and 10 on work and a bonus scripture, it's a surprise. Each scripture is carefully prayed over with hopes it inspires and encourages your faith.

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